Industrial-Strength Scalable Computing


Business Benefits

  1. Achieve alignment of technology investments with business goals.
  2. Develop an online capability to support transformative change.
  3. Upgrade systems, processes, and workflows.
  4. Support organizational change management.
  5. Drive business process excellence.
  6. Meet or exceed industry statutory/regulatory compliance.
  7. Match global "best-in-class" benchmarks.
  8. Managed approach to ensure a smooth business transition.
  9. Productivity growth via continuous life-cycle improvements.
  10. Solution life-cycle defined from sunrise to sunset phase.
  11. Achieve economies of scale for operational efficiency.
  12. Gain agility and flexibility for rapid growth.
  13. Resource for business innovation/transformation.
  14. Usage is billed on actual metered resource consumption.
  15. Upfront capital expenditures are replaced by periodic operating expenses.
  16. Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  17. High ROI (Return On Investment).
  18. Minimize software licensing/upgrade costs.
  19. Increased productivity and collaboration for users.
  20. Anytime, anywhere access to business-critical resources for users.

Technology Benefits

  1. Data security of centralized databases.
  2. User security with strong authentication/authorization.
  3. Application security with access controls and change management.
  4. Network security with firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention.
  5. Quick and reliable DR/BC (Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity).
  6. Dashboards for remotely managing/monitoring cloud resources.
  7. Elastic provision of virtual compute resources.
  8. High-speed bandwidth and improved connectivity.
  9. Reduced need for specialist in-house IT staff.
  10. Conserve IT/HVAC energy and floor footprint.