Industrial-Strength Scalable Computing


What We Provide

We provide software engineering services for dynamic, agile businesses. Agile businesses need elastic infrastructures, platforms, and applications to handle the heavy peak workloads of multiple simultaneous users over networks. As a dynamic business you need cost-effective, stable solutions that scale securely.

What's Wrong With Legacy IT Systems?

Legacy IT systems can be too "hardwired" and inflexible to scale quickly for rapid business growth or for surges in workloads. It may take many months to provision and install new physical infrastructures. It may take weeks to setup, configure, integrate, and fully test platforms/software stacks. Business leaders are restricted from innovating new business models because their legacy IT systems cannot be upgraded quickly enough to handle emerging business needs.

You risk business "lock-in" - your business is permanently locked-in to the way your legacy physical infrastructures, platforms, and applications let you work. Once you are locked-in, you are no longer an agile business. Strategic business infrastructures, platforms, and applications should scale automatically with rapidly changing business requirements.

Total Solutions

We ensure that you are fully-resourced with Scalable Computing solutions including the supporting technology infrastructures, platforms, and applications to deliver scalable, secure, and stable business services 24 X 7. We ensure that you are delivered total solutions that meet or exceed industry benchmarks and best-practices.

Our expertise in industrial-strength Scalable Computing services, our business-specific focus, our technology skill-sets, and our agile methodology enable us to support your business goals on time and on budget.

Subscription Model

We offer a subscription model that lets you pay a periodic "usage-based" subscriber fee instead of an "ownership-based" perpetual license. You replace one-time capital expenditures (CapEx) with periodic operating expenses (OpEx). The OpEx is incurred only when compute resources are actually used.

Value-Added Services

  1. Integration with your legacy IT systems, if required.
  2. An upgrade and transition road map to Scalable Computing.
  3. Data migration to SQL/NoSQL cloud storage.
  4. OLA (Operational Level Agreement).
  5. SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  6. KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).
  7. QoS (Quality of Service) benchmarks.
  8. Business-specific standardized features/functionality.
  9. Ease of access via browser on desktop/tablet/mobile.
  10. Quick implementation and go-live.